Fresh Out Of The Oven: Hard Ton – “Make Me Dance”

Let´s dance the Monday way! Imagine the moment the biggest Disco Queen of your Century meets Pop Art and Acid House, you can bet it’s something spectacular. Spectacular it definitely is! The brand-new music video for Hard Ton’s latest „Make Me Dance“ delivers the magic ingredients for incredible visual delight: flashing colors, amazing costumes, haunting scenes and an amazing performance. A fresh, new Hard Ton work that reinforces the uniqueness of this great band.

The song is available on Hard Ton’s „Forget About The Music“ EP from Snuff Trax. Out on vinyl and as digital release.


“For this new video we wanted to add disturbing and obsessive elements to a hyper-candy-pop imaginary world, in order to create an acid hallucination, half way between Mark Ryden’s paintings and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s celluloid visions, so that the hysterical mood of the track could be emphasized as much as possible”.