FUSIÓN – A fashion film by Fervor Films

Fervor Films is a collaborative creative studio based in Barcelona, made up by Lais Vieira, Talissa Lopes y Jero Cerezo. The collective arises from the need to create and open space to different forms of expression. Fervor Films wants to explore new points of view and transform identities into language. Fusion is a celebration of the freedom to transform. The possibility of manifesting itself in multiple forms of expression. Break the limits and experience the mystery.

“Fusion is a phenomenon, the manifestation of art in multiple forms of expression. Magnetically drawn to a place, they surrender, exploring their limits to transcend their physical form. They melt like gold, sparkle, blend, and with a bang, everything is transformed. This experience gives them the possibility to add, to flow, to change.It is the desire for mystery, for the new, for renewal, that makes them fuse.”


Produced by Fervor Films / instagram: @fervorfilms
In collaboration with Casa Bonay / instagram: @casabonay
Director Talissa Lopes / instagram: @talissalopes.c
Creative Director Lais Vieira / instagram:@laisssvieiraaa
Director of Photography Jero Cerezo / instagram@jero.cerezo
Models Emy Sato / instagram: @emysatobf 
Erazo / intagram: @erazzzo
Mario Marino / instagram: @mariomarinomba
Noelia / instagram:@koracore

Fashion Stylist Marta Gil / intagram: @martagil_stylist
Stylist assist. Berta Gellida / instagram: @bertagmstylist
Make Up Artist Anastasiia Babii / instagram: @nastia.mua
Hair Artist Ruben Monges / instagram: @hairbyrubmongs
Music and Sound Designer Shepardtone / instagram: @_shepardtone_
Editor Jero Cerezo / instagram: @jero.cerezo
Color grade Lais Vieira / instagram: @laisssvieiraaa
Still Photographer Coral Solari / instagram: @coral.solari
Graphic Designer Nando Vivas / instagram:@nando_vivas

Brands are Corina Plus Irina, Zahati, El Zorro Hats, D the Brand, Marta Casal, Andrea Zhang, Alba Ayza, Livegens, Onnoa Shows, Bernabe, Flabelus, alicia torres, Nemesis, Delbes Ibiza, Cecilia de rafael, cozarllado, The Brightest Eyes, Lichis Blancos, Pablo Gilbert, Ester Ferrando, Álvaro Mars, Georgirla Studio, Lorenzo Martinez, Pablo Erroz.