Future Human by Ovidiu Oltean

A KALTLBUT EXCLUSIVE. Photographer Ovidiu Oltean and creative director Ovidiu Buta teamed up with stylist Ana Dinuta, makeup artist Oana Busuioc to create this stunning series. Models are Nika and Barni Deak, the assistant is Razvan Meteleanu. Living in a time that is concerned with reality we can not help glimpsing into the future. This is an experimental session, blending cartoonish and nuanced characters whose identities float in between self-denial and self-integration and allude to alien worlds.

Ovidiu OlteanInstagram: @therealovidiuoltean
Creative director Ovidiu Buta Instagram: @ovidiubuta
Styling Ana Dinuta Instagram: @anadinuta
Models Nika Instagram: @nikasdemons
Barni Deak Instagram: @barnideak
Makeup Oana Busuioc Instagram: @oanabusuioc
Assist Razvan Meteleanu Instagram: @razvanmeteleanu

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