G-Star RAW steps into Spring with their Colored Denim campaign! Featuring DJ Duo Sofi Tukker

G-Star RAW launched its new Spring campaign with a denim collection bursting with colour. Known for their vibrant style and energetic performances, American DJ duo Sofi Tukker are the ideal couple to highlight it.

Bold monochrome looks modelled by the pair, pop up in a vivid metropolitan cityscape: from murals to billboards. Pop colour, colour pop In a series of giant hand-painted murals, Sofi Tukker introduce the latest coloured denim collection whilst presenting the bright side of G-Star.

The campaign escapes reality with the larger-than-life duo performing in gifs and videos across the city. Swaying and dancing to the beat of their hit song ‘Summer in New York,’ the artists bring an optimistic energy with a burst of colour.

Sofi Tukker

The pop duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern are working together since 2014. The musicians, known for their hits Purple Hat and Original Sin, are famous for their colourful vibrant style. As their global popularity increases so do their recognition with one of their albums previously being nominated for a Grammy award. www.instagram.com/sofitukker

The G-Star RAW spring collection is available now in stores and via g-star.com