Gen.Ukrainian – a place to help the children who were affected by the war

Introducing Gen.Ukrainian, a non-governmental organization with a heart dedicated to advocating for the essential worth of children’s mental health amidst the chaotic reality of war.

The Gen.Ukrainian organization provides vital psychological rehabilitation to Ukrainian children who have witnessed death, survived bombings, shelling, occupation, captivity, experienced violence, and lost their parents since the full-scale war.

Gen.Ukrainian worked around the clock to provide these children with innovative and effective psychological treatments that aim to heal them from the harrowing experiences they have faced. The Gen.Camps for Children give them a comprehensive psychological rehabilitation process that includes individual and group therapy sessions, physical activities, and creative workshops.

The power of Gen.Ukrainian´s work was recently captured by the talented Ukrainian photographer Polina Grebenik. In an inspiring photo campaign, she shows the faces of the real children-heroes of this terrible war who just underwent innovative psychological rehabilitation in Gen.Camp. We are proud to share their stories with the world and to raise awareness about the importance of mental health for children affected by war.

Gen.Ukrainian team of experienced psychologists and volunteers sincerely believe that sharing with the world stories like these will ensure that war crimes committed in Ukraine against these children and their families won’t go unpunished.

Gen.Ukrainian is committed to creating a brighter future for these children, so they can live their lives to the fullest. Join Gen.Ukrainian on this journey towards hope and healing.

Photography by Polina Grebenik @grebenik

Photo source, shooting idea — Ukrainian media BESTIN