A KALTBLUT exclusive! Photographer Francesco Cascavilla captured Mikey Woodbridge, Fritz Lorenz and Martin Sigle. All the designs are from the collection Gerascophobie of the designer Johannes Jaruaak. “Gerascophobia” challenges the concept of what it means in our society to be young and masculine. It´s a trip of three men in a state of drowsiness, a thorough exploration between the awake and dream state, between loneliness and togetherness. 


“The seemingly superficial but visceral emotional fear of aging is an immediate and instinctive inspiration for this capsule collection. ‘Gerascophobie’ explores the emotional fears of the ageing and through this collection it identifies both the physical and emotional ageing processes. The habit of clinging on to the known, and not realising how letting go of the old will lead to something far bigger is symbolised through the selection of the print. The specific state of the jaw is representative of a critical juncture in human life. The liminal is explored through the new teeth waiting in set position, yet the baby teeth still in full function. Leaving things behind is important for personal evolution – this allows for further growth. No matter how important it might seem, in order to gain something stronger in life we might have to allow growth to progress, but this can often be hard. We often armour ourselves by hiding our fragile bodies. We often conceal our inner and external beauty for only presenting selected faces. By hiding our fragile bodies and minds in the most powerful and excentric shells one remains in their safe spots, yet still showing strengh. We conceal our beauty for only selected faces to see, because it is a valuable good – and it’s a transitory one. It’s all about fear. The fear of neglect, the fear of mortality, the fear of loss, and the sadness it brings. It’s a last clamour for attention and appreciation, before the time is up and all youth looks faded.”
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Photographer : Francesco Cascavilla @Facebook / Web / Instagram
All the designs are from the collection Gerascophobie of the designer Johannes Jaruaak
Models: Mikey Woodbridge, Fritz Lorenz and Martin Sigle