German Movie Premiere: Avant-Drag! @ XPOSED QUEER FILM FESTIVAL

Embark on a cinematic journey like no other with Fil Ieropoulos’ enthralling documentary Avant-Drag!, set to captivate audiences at its much-anticipated German premiere during the XPOSED Queer Film Festival in Berlin. This must-see film unravels the intricate lives and passionate artistry of ten Greek drag performers who bravely challenge the constrictive norms of their society.

Avant-Drag! not only captures the bold essence of its subjects but also beautifully portrays their struggle against the dramatic backdrop of political conservatism, crafting a narrative that is as poignant as it is inspiring. These artists defy gender expectations and societal norms through their groundbreaking performances, turning every stage into a site of political resistance and personal liberation.

Dive into the Dazzling Depths of Drag with “Avant-Drag!” at XPOSED Berlin

Having already stirred the audiences at IFFR and gathered accolades, including an honorary mention at the TdFF and the award for Best Documentary at the Wicked Queer Boston Film Fest, Avant-Drag! is a proven beacon of critical acclaim. The film’s journey continues, translating the vibrant energy of Athens into every frame, narratively and visually unfolding layers of defiance, identity, and resilience.

Directed by the visionary Fil Ieropoulos and produced by FYTA and Frenel with the support of the Greek Film Centre, the film showcases its commitment to revealing multifaceted truths. It’s a stirring ode to those who dare to exist loudly and proudly in the face of adversity.

Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this remarkable portrayal of courage and creativity. Join us at XPOSED Queer Film Festival in Berlin to experience the transformative power of Avant-Drag!. Let this profound film challenge your perceptions, enrich your discussions, and reframe your understanding of what it means to be truly free in one’s expression.

Berlin’s most daring hearts and curious minds—this is a call to witness the spectacle of “Avant-Drag!.” Be there to support, discuss, and be part of something spectacularly unique. Discover more and secure your tickets now!

Transform your vision of drag, identity, and resistance. See you there!