GESS wants revenge in the new single “Plastic”

#TrackPremiere – Recording artist and songwriter GESS is celebrating today the release of his new track: “Plastic”! And I love it. The beginning of a new era for the young artist. “Plastic” is a song about not taking the high road for once.  Allowing yourself to feel the ugly emotions that come with a bad breakup”!

There’s one thing I must confess,

I just lied when I wished you the best

Hope he rips your heart, right out your chest

I know I shouldn’t want revenge…

But I’m not plastic.


Plastic is about coming to terms with the raw, ugly emotions that come with being human. It’s about wanting revenge on an ex and a new lover. But in a broader sense, it’s about admitting to yourself that we’re not cold, hard plastic… we’re flesh and blood and at times it’s normal to feel emotions that are typically deemed “bad”.


IG: @gess.wav
Twitter: @itsjustgess

Photography by @lifeasdem