Gilded Skin

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Yihao Huang. Creative Direction by Aitian Hou. Styling by Aitian Hou. The models are Danqing Zhao and Ariel. Make up by Leihaha. Art Direction by Nixy Ning.

Photography by Yihao Huang / Instagram: @yihao_1018
Creative Direction by Aitian Hou / Instagram: @arihattian
Styling by Aitian Hou / Instagram: @arihattian
Models are Danqing Zhao / Instagram: @dq_luvu4ever
Make up by Leihaha
Art Direction by Nixy Ning / Instagram: @nixyning

Fashion Brands used are: Queyang Luo, Xzichic, Odelia, Dear White, Acc and BNAIL special
Instagram name of each brand: @llluo.o