Glamslur by Tomasz Armada

Introducing designer Tomasz Armada with an exclusive editorial. Art direction by Alex Hayel. Photography by Tymoteusz Kałużewski. The models are Weronika Cudna and Alex Hayel.

“Through this unique upcycling collection, I talk about my emotions and transform them into the language of visual arts, creating spatial forms, composition and all symbolism in the form of prints and applications that become amulets and decorative antidotes.

The collection refers directly to the author’s experiences, crises, social exclusion and emotions. The process was a way of taming and aestheticizing. In the spirit of upcycling, I used fabrics that no one wanted, silent witnesses of the past, and the remnants of theatrical costumes. A collection sewn and applied by hand, full of unusual combinations – stretchy, transparent with resistant glitters, sequins, and velours. Full of prints and decorations referring to esoteric – protective runes, broken horns hearts, skulls, sequin stains, tears, wounds that have become coloured title scars – GlamSlur.”

Photography by Tymoteusz Kałużewski / Instagram: @foto_tymek
Art director & model is Alex Hayel / Instagram: @alexhayeli
Model is Weronika Cudna / Instagram: @weronikacudna_design
Fashion by Tomasz Armada / / Instagram: @tomaszarmada