Going Underground: Reinhardt Records

With Reinhardt’s first release by Antenna Happy, a record that showcased his return after twenty years, you know that this label is going in the right direction. Having a broad background in music, Sheffield lad Alex Oxley decided to take on what almost every DJ dreams of and create his label only just last year. “I really feel a strong connection to the city [Sheffield] and have spent a lot of time there over the years. Musically the synth movement in the 80′s pretty incredible, there’s a wealth of material from Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and the like.” Oxley tells us in a previous interview.

Moving to London in his early 20’s, Alex was exposed to one of the worlds most deserve electronic music scenes, which he soon immersed himself in. Performing sets at Turnmills, Fabric, Scala, Koko, The Social, XOYO, The Key, Birthdays, The Nest, BFI and countless other nightclub institutions. Oxley then had the chance to experience a whole new scene in Berlin, “The techno scene there is of course well documented, and rightly so as the community and clubs there are quite incredible. I’m sure anybody has has been to Berghain will sing its praises. It was super exciting to live in a city that is so art and music focused, Berlin literally has creativity at ever turn!”

Alex Oxley -Credit - Jolanta Valeniece

Currently residing in LA with his wife, Oxley is loving the new scene and keeping the label strong, “We have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people, and travel around a bit. The sheer scale of Los Angeles and Southern California is just mind boggling. I feel like I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface! I am still finding my way in LA, but musically it sure is a hot spot right now so only time will tell how much being in LA influences the label.”

Alex has made KALTBLUT an exclusive mixtape for you to get your hands on!

DMX Krew – When The Going Gets Weird (Rephlex)
Antenna Happy – Rotor (White Label)
Round – Glass (Hivern Discs)
Kraftwerk – Home Computer (Night Owl Remix) (White Label)
Antenna Happy – Pinto (Reinhardt Records)
Jake Chudnow ‎– Shona (Bloc)
Radioactive Man – Mechanical Music Menace (Shengi Remix) (Reinhardt Records)
FUSE vs LFO – Loop (Plus 8)
Daft Punk – Alive (Soma Recordings)
Lory D – MT100 (Soul Research)
East India Youth ‎– Hinterland (Stolen Recordings)
Radioactive Man – Mechanical Music Menace (Edit) (Reinhardt Records)
Roman Flügel ‎- Friendship Song (Dial)

Alex Oxley- DJ Photo - Credit Will Miner





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