Golden Flavors

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and fashion film. Director and photographer is Juan Ferradás. Models are Miguel Angel Pasquarelli and Alina Morozova. Makeup by Lara Naveiro. Styling by Sara Vigo. Videography by Adan Cordeiro. Aux.Photography by Fernando Guimeráns. Props by Álvaro Lorenzo.

“Hello, my name is Juan Ferradás, an 26 years old Galician self-taught photographer who has been about 10 years taking photos and working in the industry. Currently, I’m more focused on fashion photography, although I also do conceptual one and I’m exploring documentary photography too.
The way that I like to work is not conventional because I don’t usually work from an initial idea. I normally develop my projects based on a place that I like and inspires me or an image that comes to my mind and I’m adding different elements to create a final idea.

That’s how I created Golden Flavors, I started from an image that comes to me after I visited Pazo de Lourizan, a manor house from de 15th century, the place where I decided to create this editorial. The greenhouse from the manor house was perfect to do this photo because It fit perfectly with the initial idea that I had built in my head. I was adding elements to create an aesthetic and harmony until I got the perfect result. After that, I just had to carry It out.”

Director and photography: Juan Ferradás @black_mamba_photo
Models are Miguel Angel Pasquarelli @_pasquarelli__
Alina Morozova @alina_morozova_rudenko
Makeup: Lara Naveiro @laranaveiro_
Stylist: Sara Vigo @__.svr.__
Videographer: Adan Cordeiro @adancordeiro
Aux.Photography: Fernando Guimeráns @fertastico.tiff
Props: Álvaro Lorenzo @varolorenzo

Sara Díaz Miranda @saradiazmiranda
Sabela Juncal @sabelajuncalv
Laura Murillo @lmurilloa
Vanesa Parente @ladyblueberry
Sara Vigo @__.svr.__