GRIPPA’s love-sick plea during November

In the febrile clash of utter internal turbulence and the scathing roughness of a world speeding by, lies a youth dead-locked in what is simultaneously the most complex and the least appreciated moment of their lives. Adolescence in all its twisting turns and sharp, vertical slopes, the hormonal ascents, and the overwhelming realization of impending adulthood forge an outlook that takes nearly 20 years to congeal into what a person will most likely end up being.

This hectic internal climate finds its match in the hyper-accelerated and hyper-connected reality around it. Nothing can be forecasted. Everything changes at a whim. The world is moody and bipolar, and so it is this delicate time. Is it any surprise that true creativity is awakened in some people during these moments of complete confusion?

16-year-old Pop prodigy GRIPPA is coming to grips with a world that’s getting stranger by the day. I do not envy “kids these days” and the eccentricities they have to discern and navigate in this newfangled digital age, but for someone as sensitive and sensible as an artist, the painful path of creation is laid bare, and it takes just a little bit of will to see it through because from chaos can come order… harmony… melody.

Beans,” was her first release, the first birthing pang of an artist and a human being, two sides of struggling to make sense of the world and push through the painful reality of teen heartbreaks- the realization of the many scars she’ll accumulate on the path to adulthood, and perhaps also musical stardom as well.

The struggle to “find her own voice” whatever that truly means- is one that she seems to be carrying out with great dignity and wisdom. Her catalogue of released music is relatively short, but with an upcoming debut EP within the next year, GRIPPA promises to show us what she’s found so far in her quest to express and create the most genuine music her heart and soul can produce. In the meantime, her latest track is the seasonal “November” which chronicles an ongoing struggle to overcome a breakup during a stage in her life where meaningful human connections are at an all-time premium.

“I wanted to have a song that kept it real and said something that most people don’t like to admit and that is missing someone. The month of November is something that reminds me of someone personally and I wanted the echo of the song to emulate the haunting and lingering feeling of missing someone. While this is more of a serious, emotional song that only means that there’s more fun to come.”

Personal significance aside, the month of November strikes one as a particularly in-between moment where wistful nostalgia and anxious hopes for the future come to mesh. November seats between the cosy but melancholic Autumnal period and the Idea of a Coming Christmas where we should all strive to be merry and in good company.