Ha Muerto Virgen (Has Died a Virgin)

Ha Muerto Virgen (Has Died a Virgin) is a collection by Javier Cuervo, stylist and creative director, which reflects the research carried out on dissident sexualities and new masculinities in relation to the prevailing constructions in clothing. Photography by Sofía Colodrón. Models are Ángel Rodriguez and Álvaro Dueña. Make-Up and Hair by Marina Cabrera.

With a training halfway between art and fashion, Javier Cuervo’s work maxim has always been visual research around the construction of gender and queer theory. With this background, this collection takes as a radical and thematic event the loss of virginity in men to reflect on the relationships that are generated between gender and sexuality in dissident subjects.

With the concern of the visual imagery associated with gender stereotypes and their sexualizing content, fashion is presented as a tool of power and liberation in relation to identity. The garments proposed in this collection are designed as a sign of emancipation and autonomy; playing with the reappropriation of the aesthetic canons of gender as an exercise in performativity that presents bodies as a response to the multiple symbolic violence that we observe in clothing.

Art and fashion direction by Javier Cuervo / Instagram: @javier.cuervo
Photography by Sofía Colodrón / Instagram: @sofiacolodron
Models are Ángel Rodriguez / Instagram: @ahrmoran
and Álvaro Dueñas / Instagram: @alvarodsx
Make-Up and Hair by Marina Cabrera / Instagram: @marinacabrera95