Hands-free game

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Nicola Surbera. The models are Giacomo, Alex, and Mikhail. All boys are signed at Agency Sophie Models.

“In every era, in every world, in every society there is and always will be a human need to belong to a group. In the last years, in addition to fun-related situations such as discos, groups of friends, and travel; sports represent a new frontier of aggregation and belonging to a group.

Although society is still highly evolved, in the locker room there is a strong camaraderie and there are interactions and contacts among members of the same group. There is playing, joking, touching, sexual, homosexual, and sexist innuendo. If you are not part of this attitude-although it may bother you-you are out of the group, teased and laughed at.

With my work, I want to bring back the games of yesteryear. Friends play, have fun, and make contact out of friendship, without prejudice, obligation, and malice. There is no violence but only contact. Hands become a tool for getting to know each other not for touching. Hence the name of the concept: HANDS-FREE GAMES”

Photography by Nicola Surbera / Instagram: @elsurbett
Model is Giacomo signed at Agency Sophie Models / Instagram: @giacomosalsano
Model is Alex signed at Agency Sophie Models / Instagram: @_alexh0
Model is Mikhail signed at Agency Sophie Models / Instagram: @tcinchenko