Hate couture by Tomasz Armada

KALTBLUT presents: Hate couture by Tomasz Armada. Photography by Aga Murak. Styling by Hanka Podraza. Hair and Makeup by Lena Zięba. Models are Coco Kate, Alex Freiheit, Piotr Buratyński, Piotr Istryk, Kacper Szalecki, Kasia Seweryn and Ernest Armada. All the looks are made by Tomasz Armada. He says: “I’m live in Łódź – postindustrial city in the centre Poland. The most inspiring for me are my surroundings: town full absurities, local bazaar “Bałucki Rynek”. But most of all my friends: models in these pictures. In this collection I applied original projects of prints replicated on fabrics and knitwear by the method of transfer. They are accompanied by recycled materials derived from overcapacity or rejected due to defects. I also used blanket with tiger, cut up sweaters, fabric samples, leftovers, from which I made patchworks or applications afterwards, by drawing various stitches with sewing machine. I made use of clothes from the second-hand shops as well (in their entirety or of singular components, for instance sleeves). I made collages out of these garments. I create and sew everything on my own, sometimes by hand, while ignoring or turning a blind eye to modern rules of tailoring. My clothes are created apart from fashion’s world seasons.”


Photography by Aga Murak


Instagram: @agamurak  www.instagram.com/agamurak

Stylist Hanka Podraza

Instagram: @hankapodraza www.instagram.com/hankapodraza

Hair and Makeup by  Lena Zięba



Coco Kate

Instagram: @coc0m0 www.instagram.com/coc0m0

Alex Freiheit, Piotr Buratyński

Instagram: @siksa_forever www.instagram.com/siksa_forever

Piotr Istryk

Instagram: @piotristyk www.instagram.com/piotristryk

Kacper Szalecki

Instagram: @chanelecki www.instagram.com/chanelecki

Kasia Seweryn

Ernest Armada


All the looks are made by Tomasz Armada

Tomasz Armada is wearing garments from private collection Hanka Podraza