“Here” by Carlos Bra

Carlos is a visual artist who explores the world of the male figure, portrait, and self-portrait through photography. His work focus is on queer reality and fashion, both fundamental influences of its aesthetic. Inspired by the hymn “We’re here, we’re queer, we won’t disappear” this project, is a mix of queer art, fashion, and dance. The model is Oski Revlon, voguing dancer from the Iconic House of Revlon and father at the Kiki House of Delicious.

This the way we respond to all the kind of mistreat the LGTBIQ+ community still suffer and our way to express that, as usual, we’re still standing and we’re staying.

Photography, styling and art direction by Carlos Bra
Instagram: @itscarlosbra
Model is Oski Revlon Delicious
Instagram: @oski_revlon
Hair and make up by JACSA
Instagram: @jacsapeluqueriaybelleza