High in Contrast

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Dhana Sabira. The model is Alessio Wilms. Hairstylists are Serdal Bengi and Andre aus der Wieschen. Location is Friseur aus der Wieschen.

“I am a German beauty, fashion and portrait photographer based in Berlin. Due to my fascination for fashion and art, I decided to move to Berlin at the age of seventeen where I studied photo design.

Since my successful graduation as a state-approved photo designer, I have been able to implement my creativity, my sense of aesthetics and affinity for fashion, beauty and design in different projects and campaigns.

In addition to photography, my heart also beats for videography, creative direction and mixed media.”

Photography by Dhana Sabira | dhanasabira.com | Instagram: @dhanasabira
The model is Alessio Wilms | Instagram: @alessiowilms
Hairstylists are Serdal Bengi | Instagram: @serdalbengi
Andre aus der Wieschen | Instagram: @andreausderwieschen
Location is Friseur aus der Wieschen | Instagram: @friseurausderwieschen