HipBeat – Love is Revolution 

A movie written and directed by Samuel Kay Forrest. Starring Samuel Kay Forrest, Marie Celine Yildirim, Judy LaDavina, Filip Sut Rutkowski, Helmut Woßner, and Evelijn van Brandeberg. Synopsis: Angy is a political activist fighting against the system while searching for love in the Berlin rave and queer underground.

“We were inspired to tell this story to start a conversation about love, gender, and politics in today’s western society. As a storyteller you can’t tell people what to feel or think but hopefully reflect the times we’re living in. With my debut feature film I wasn’t trying to tell the story of the past or future but the story of today.  
We made HipBeat with the LGBTQIAN+ community, which most of the team is part of including myself. Our driving motivation was to encourage inclusivity and equality. For my approach as a filmmaker their is a necessity and responsibility to cast people who identify as queer when the role calls for it. In my opinion it adds to the authenticity of the story. While making the film we were always hoping the story would reach the voiceless people who are oppressed, feel suppressed, or can not be themselves. The heartbeat of the film is to show the struggle of a young person searching for their true gender and sexual identity. To mirror this experience honestly and guide people who feel different on their journey to finding their true self. 
We want HipBeat to inspire people to speak out about their experiences, express their stories and continue the conversation until the quality of life is equal. It’s not about perfection but progress. I feel it’s important to have art that shines a light on injustice because democracy is under threat. Hate insights hate and love insights love. Safe spaces, activism, and education are the driving force for change in the brave new dark times. So feel free to reach out to us @motherearthfilms.hipbeat

The film is available on Amazon Prime, Amazon Dekkoo, Google Play, Just Watch, Youtube Rentals, and more streaming services coming soon. A special screening will take place at Babylon Berlin during Berlinale. If you’re in Berlin 18.02.22 .. do not miss it.