HOLON Presents »Energy Drinks & Bisexual Lighting« by Harriet Davey and snake_case

Innovative 3D artist Harriet Davey from Berlin collaborates with the outstanding UK composer duo snake_case in their new installation commissioned by HOLON. Explore the playful deconstruction of gendered systems and spaces, both in the physical and digital world. Join Davey’s mythical non-binary avatars as they guide you through untamed virtual dimensions, free from societal constraints.

Step into the immersive universe of “Energy Drinks & Bisexual Lighting” and witness the transformation of gaming spaces. Davey ingeniously challenges the heteronormative essence of the gaming environment, artfully transforming it into a portal of joy for gamers of all orientations.

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Drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture of 90s LAN parties and modern-day gaming aesthetics, this captivating installation invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Shed your physical limitations and immerse yourself in the virtual characters, personas, and worlds meticulously crafted by Harriet Davey. As snake_case’s glitched audio anomalies beckon, reality dissolves into a mesmerizing blend of the real and the virtual, promising a truly captivating experience.

Prepare to confront the intricacies of digital identities. What does it mean to embody a digital skin? Traverse these new realms, where the coded visual language that shapes our perception is remodelled. Let the spatialized sonic artefacts and imperfections conspire with the transformative imagery, reshaping the confines of the gaming room into sublime, kinetic objects that defy convention.

In this virtual world, the possibilities are endless. Who will you become? Join HOLON and let the journey begin.

For more information about this groundbreaking installation, visit HOLON’s website and embrace the colourful fusion of art, technology, and self-expression.

Friday 27th / Saturday 28th Oct, 2023
Friday 3rd / Saturday 4th Nov, 2023
18:30 – 21:30 
and by special appointment 

RSVP:  info@holon.berlin

More info: www.holon.berlin/#Program