How to Shop Clothes Like a Pro – Things to Consider When Buying Clothes

Shopping can be a rewarding and relaxing experience if you understand how to find quality pieces. It could also be a daunting experience if you’re still learning how to sort through options to find what you want. If you don’t want to be disappointed in your choices, you should be careful and focus on the little details. Here are important things you should note when buying clothes that will help you to shop like a pro. 

Matching Patterns

When shopping at sites like Extreme Largeness Wholesale, you can easily search for the items you want and inspect everything online. One of the details that you should pay attention to is matching patterns. If you want high-quality clothes, check that the patterns match up at sleeves and seams. Companies that make cheap clothes will skip this detail as it helps them keep costs low. Matching often means the manufacturer must cut individual pieces of the garment, but matching gives an eccentric look despite requiring more effort.

Quality of Fabric

Before you order a piece, check the label. While synthetic fabric is cheaper, even when blended with natural materials, it might not last like natural fabric if you will do repeated laundering. Check the label to know which material is used on the fabric. When you get the clothes, hold the fabric up to feel the weight and density of its weave. Also, inspect the seams on the inside and outside. If they’re sloppy or stitched over, it’s a sign of poor quality.

Don’t Trust Size on Labels

Sometimes, size is relative and may not be what you think. Although there’s standard sizing, some brands have developed their own sizing methods. Be careful to avoid problems like vanity sizing. For example, a size 8 dress now matches a size 16 in 1958, so before you order, confirm which sizing convention the manufacturer is using and get the correct dimensions to know if the clothes fit you perfectly.

Get a Fashion Inspiration Book

There are different ways you can get ideas for fashion shopping. Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms for this, but many people use Instagram as well. On these platforms, you can save photos of items you like. This will inspire you to find something similar and could improve your taste in fashion. But before you order something you saw on Instagram, go to the store and try it on to ensure it looks good and fits well. Stories of people failing after trying outfits they saw online are too common.

Take a Buddy for Shopping

If you’re easily tempted to overspend, consider taking a shopping buddy with you. Someone with experience shopping for fashion items will be helpful because they will not only help you pick excellent pieces, you will avoid spending on items not on your list.


You can continually update your fashion inspiration by borrowing ideas from celebrities and other people on social media platforms like Instagram. Before you order clothes, take some time to inspect every aspect of quality to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.