Human Renaissance by Estrid

Today, On December 6th, 2022, the Swedish shaving and beauty company Estrid is launching the new campaign “Human Renaissance”, which reinterprets some of the most famous paintings of the Renaissance in the 21st century. Various forms of diversity, such as skin colour, religion, scars, stretch marks and body hair are shown.

“Reflecting how limiting and precarious European beauty norms were in the past, the Human Renaissance project reimagines this historical period from a contemporary perspective, emphasizing that true beauty lies in diversity and inclusiveness so that all people can feel represented.

— Amber Butchart, historian

This campaign was created to redefine ideals of beauty and to counteract the binary norms in society, especially in relation to the beauty and self-care industries. Outdated beauty norms are still presented in the beauty industry and products are divided into binary gender categories.

The results of an Estrid study show that almost two-thirds (62%) of people have experienced prejudice or exclusion because of their identity, with body shape (41%) and physical appearance (39%) cited as the main reasons for these feelings. Working with a number of notable visionaries, historical works of art such as the Mona Lisa or the Birth of Venus have been recreated to show human beings at their finest and most natural.