Hungary, we need to talk by Sebestyen Bruckner

Sebestyen Bruckner is a London based photographer, who recently graduated from London College of Fashion. His final project came together in a zine titled ‘Hungary, we need to talk.’  It was born out of the frustration felt towards his home country, reflecting on the reality of growing up in a homophobic environment lacking any representation of queer identities.

It was largely inspired by Sebestyen’s experience of finding a home away from home in London, while exploring new parts of his identity. The zine consists of intimate portraits paired with a hand written letter unpicking a complex and often strained relationship with his home country.

Due to recent political developments targeting the queer community in Hungary, copies of the zine can be purchased on Sebestyen’s website with all profits going to a Hungarian LGBTQ+ charity.

Photography by Sebestyen Bruckner / / Instagram: @sebibruckner

Assisted by
Akos Bartha / Instagram: @thefourthbartha
Luzie Strasser / Instagram: @luziesalina

Styling by Zsofia Toro / Instagram: @zsofia__toro
Make up by Anna Levitova / Instagram: @annalevi

Models are
Sebestyen Bruckner / Instagram: @sebibruckner 
Akos Bartha / Instagram: @thefourthbartha
Johana Kasalicka / Instagram: @johanakasalicka
Luzie Strasser / Instagram: @luziesalina
Joshua Ewusie / Instagram: @j_ewusie
Patryk Walczak / Instagram: @patryk__wal
Adam Urbanik / Instagram: @urbanik.a
Filippo Scala / Instagram: @philstairs
Bo Quinn / Instagram: @bo.quinn


Brands used are:
Daniel Vass / Instagram: @vassdaniel
Zsofia Toro / Instagram: @zsofia__toro
Xixitong / Instagram: @xixitongxx
Dorottya Csókási / Instagram: @dorottyacsokasi