I haven’t slept for days

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Laura Meijueiro. Model is Marta Toba. Stylist is Miriam Otero. Make up by Sasha Ratković. Fashion Brands are Bimba y Lola, Loewe, Iago Otero, La Manso, Asos.

This project was born under the necessity to capture some feelings of loneliness and emotions experienced as a result of the social distancing, caused by the long periods of lockdown, experienced in the last year.  The home is a setting for experimentation and a co-star of the story, making use of imagination to rediscover everyday environments as novel spaces with great aesthetic and narrative possibilities. A story of silence and unspoken words.

Photography by Laura Meijueiro / Instagram: @lauraymd
Model is Marta Toba / Instagram: @martatoba_
The stylist is Miriam Otero / Instagram: @oteromi
Make up by Sasha Ratković / Instagram: @sashartmakeup

“I am a fashion photographer currently based in Galicia, and with my work, I try to capture the essence of the people or characters that are in front of the lens. I use fashion as a means of expression through which to create beautiful images full of emotions.” *Laura Meijueiro