ILLUSION – A fashion film by Laila Aliena Eby

Laila Aliena Eby is am a young freelance, self-taught directress, filmmaker, photographer, and stylist from Germany. Coming from a fashion background herself, Laila Aliena loves supporting and collaborating with other artists to create aesthetic and bizarre visual worlds. Illusion is a collaboration with fashion designer Adriano Schaich.

“Besides my work as a creative directress and directress for film productions and creative agencies, I focus on realizing my own projects like the short film series ‚HUMAN‘ and many other art and fashion films or music videos. I want to use filmmaking and photography as a tool to draw attention to important topics. It has always been important to me to not just create, but to always have a deeper meaning behind the work.”

“The fashion is by Adriano Schaich who is a young fashion student from Pforzheim, Germany. The collection is a call to reflect the true values of fashion and one’s own personal relationship to the fashion industry. The way we consume has rapidly changed through digitalization and the power of social media and we often get lost in an overload of information and products.  So he stepped back and decided to not create another university project that ends up dusty in the basement. The collection was made to wear on a daily basis, made by himself and for himself.”


Film directed, filmed & edited by Laila Aliena Eby @lailaalienaeby
Fashion by Adriano Schaich @hausofadi