Imagining a single day from the Future in this costume

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Ekaterina Bondarenko. An art director and visual artist from Ukraine. “I adore the speculative design and I want to show to the world how I see my reality. What is the future in our modern rapidly developing world? For me, speculation is modelling possible scenarios for our future. When you ask yourself questions that you never thought about.”

“During the creation of conceptions for this project, I asked myself: what if we could not breathe without a mask anymore? Our world will be overfilled with information and physical trash. Any boundaries will cease to exist, both in our heads and in our space. Now you can be anywhere you want around the globe. Clothes of the future. What is it?”

You’re walking at night to feel free from a crowd, inhaling the air purified from pollution and viruses by your mask, whether it’s rainy and cold or dry and hot, you’re not feeling it because of your thermoregulation system, you can even create a feeling of walking underwater.

The live support systems are monitoring your pulse, pressure and blood condition, external sensors analyzing the air and weather condition and your voice assistant informing you about it.

Art Direction, produсtion & Video making Katya Bondarenko
Film Photo Hryshchenko Vladyslav
Style Yatsentiuk Mariia
Mua Evgenia Litus
Model Lukiantseva Mariia
Video editing Chupryna Anastasiia
Light Masiuk Daniel