Introducing designer Barbara Rydz with an exclusive editorial. Photography by Joanna Pyż. Hair and Makeup by Izabela Andrychiewicz. The editorial is a tale about interpersonal relationships and their bodily expression. The story focuses on the involvement of individual characters in complicated social mechanisms. It speaks of violent human nature, the problem of morality and the omnipresent masks. As a designer, Barbara Rydz has translated this specific image of a human being into my designs to create this artistic visual.

“I am passionate about various fields of art, but my main occupation is designing stage costumes, fashion, footwear and accessories. My main source of inspiration is the countless intricacies of our flesh and psyche. I have always found imperfections of the human body and mind to be the most interesting and most alluring part of us. My work aims to show the process of transforming what we perceive as defects into something beautiful and desirable. I do not create to hide what we consider to be our flaws but rather emphasise them, making them the focal point, something of value. I perceive fashion design as creating a sculptural form composed of the human body. Fashion for me is a visual representation of my imagination and the most wonderful artistic medium. I`m a 22 years old graduate of bachelor studies in fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland and I am currently working on a master`s degree in that field.” *Barbara Rydz

Fashion design by Barbara Rydz / Instagram: @barbara.rydz
Photography by Joanna Pyż / Instagram: @joanka_love
Hair and Makeup by Izabela Andrychiewicz / Instagram: @Izabelaandrychiewicz
Assist by Hanna Siewińska / Instagram: @witam_zapraszam
Models are
Zofia Smyła / Instagram: @zoft_6
Karolina Hanzl/  Instagram: @kahanzl
Wiktoria Sobczyk / Instagram: @sobcczi
Paweł Kaźmierowski / Instagram: @kazmierovski
Robert Geserick / Instagram: @robgeserick
Rafał Klacza / Instagram: @rafael_de_roco