“A little experimental and not in my immediate comfort zone” – In Conversation with lordkez on her latest EP

Last Friday, the multi-faceted singer lordkez has released her latest EP JUICEBOX following last year’s critically-acclaimed EP Charcotta. Compared to her previous softer, more jazzy releases, the four tracks on JUICEBOX are a lot groovier and faster paced. At only 22 years old, lordkez brings a level of certainty rarely found in such a young musician. Her lyrical prowess, intricate delivery and innate musical talent shines through on this exciting new offering.

KALTBLUT caught up with lordkez and asked her about the production of her latest EP, how Make-Up influenced one of the tracks and Johannesburg.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell me a little bit about the EP?

lordkez: This EP is special to me because its a little experimental and not in my immediate comfort zone, but it is a side to me that I would like to share with my fans. I had a lot of fun working on this music and the visuals.

KALTBLUT: You’ve said that the track “Purple Hearts” has a connection with Make-Up, or rather yourself doing your Make-Up. Could you tell me a little bit more about that?

lordkez: Yeah, I listen to music when I am doing my make-up, it gets me in the mood to look cute and be sute, you know? So, when I heard the beat for Purple Hearts, I felt like it was the type of sound that would be perfect for that situation, so I made something cute. 

KALTBLUT: While listening to your upcoming EP I noticed it’s a combination of various different genres ranging from R&B to more UK- sounds. Was that something you did on purpose?

lordkez: I think it’s just who I am to be honest, I don’t really think about making a certain sound at any given time. Obviously, I theme my sonic accordingly, but when I make music I keep it as natural as possible, which ends up in the products I have been able to share with the world. But, I do have UK influence in my music, I really love the scene there and the artists are incredible talented and unique – I love that!

KALTBLUT: Your forthcoming EP is following your last critically-acclaimed EP Charcotta, which was released in September last year. Has your approach to this EP somehow changed? Especially considering the lack of live shows, does that give you more of a creative freedom to just create music without having to worry if it works live or not?

lordkez: To be honest I started picking up some real traction in my career on the cusp of lockdown, so there haven’t been many live shows that I have been able to work my music in. But, when I have it has been great. I think when making this EP I was capturing a mood more than anything else, but when I think about it – These would be really cool songs to perform live. I cannot wait to try them out.

KALTBLUT: You’ve said in previous interviews that the move to Johannesburg was a big change for you and that your surroundings inspire your music. Have you already settled in Johannesburg now? And did that sense of settlement have an effect on your creativity?

lordkez: Yeah, I have settled into the city now – It feels like home. JHB is a busy, crazy, energetic place so the creative energy is relentless. My process has sharpened since being in JHB, I have been learning, through the guidance of my team, to be intentful with my creativity, capturing moods, moments and ideas and make them come alive.

KALTBLUT: You’ve also said that the work on Charcotta was very collaborative with your team. Was that the case for this EP too?

lordkez: 100% – I work closely with my team, I love sharing creative energy with people on the same wavelength, it’s a beautiful process.

JUICEBOX is available to stream on all streaming platforms.

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