Shirt and trousers - ALLES Berlin Shoes - Buffalo London Earring and chain - Lani Lees

Influencer Spotlight: Meet Hakan Berryfinn

Taken from our new print issue! May I introduce you to our favourite Berlin influencer: Hakan Berryfinn!? Photos by Sebastian Pielles. Makeup by Krzysztof Tomasz. Assistant Styling by Anne Poprausch. Interview by Marcel Schlutt. Brands: Alles Berlin, Buffalo London , Lani Lees , RosaK 

You have an exceptionally unique look, Hakan. Where does your style savvy come from?
Thank you! It’s always kinda strange for me to get complimented on my outfits. It all started when I was 14. Believe me, it’s evolved. My style was still unique in the beginning but also super ugly! It was a process. My look now is just how I like to present myself. I wear what I like the look of on myself, that’s it basically.

Shoes – Buffalo London
Trousers and body – ALLES Berlin Chains and earrings – Lani Lees Black leather keyring – Rosa K.

How did you first develop an interest in fashion?
As I said it all started at the age of 14. My cousin went shopping with me the first time and I recognized that if you look fashionable or trendy people get interested in you faster. Your look is your first impression, so this how my love affair started and my interest in fashion started to grow.

Can you tell us more about what you were doing before you became a blogger and Instagrammer?
When I was 16 I did an apprenticeship as a graphic designer, so that’s what I studied actually. After that, I went to high school to study and my plan was to move to Berlin and study fashion journalism. What can I say? After I got in touch with so many amazing people in the fashion scene I realised it wasn’t necessary to study at all. I started working as an influencer/blogger without having a real education. Social media made this possible for me. By experimenting, I learned how to create interesting and high- quality content for my followers and the customers and brands I take care of.

What has been the key to your success?
First of all, it’s not as easy as it looks! The journey is hard and you will face several fights with yourself until you understand a lot more about who you are. I still wouldn’t say that I found a “key” to be successful, it’s a process. Be patient with yourself and never give up following your dreams.

Body and vest – ALLES Berlin Belts and choker – Rosa K. Shoes – Buffalo London

Who is your primary audience, and what do you think keeps them coming back to your blog?
My primary audience is creative people of all kinds. Fashion people, artists, musicians, anyone in a creative network. I mostly know a lot of my followers in person so they are interested in myself and my work, I guess!

How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how do you ensure that your fans are receptive to sponsored content?
Luckily I can choose the brands that I want to work with these days. I have a specific style that I stand for but I am also open to new things. So it is quite easy for me to choose what I want to show in my content. If I like it, my followers will like it for sure as well.

If you had to give up all your social media accounts but one, which would you keep?
Definitely Instagram! I am addicted to this fuck on that platform [laughs]. I really like the way how you can show your art via Instagram. It’s also a timeline about your life. Sometimes I scroll to my first picture and start laughing about myself for ages.

Top and Vest – ALLESBerlin, Chain – Lani Lees

In what ways do you hope your social media career develops in the next two years?
That is a tricky question. In terms of Instagram, I would say more followers. I realised that the way to get attention from brands is to have more than 10K followers and I hate that. For me, it is really not important how many followers I have. My followers are amazing people. Creative and lovely, and real! I would love to see my success would grow, but hey, I am already here and working with genius people every day so I really do not know what more I need.

Can you give us some fashion tips that you live by?
– Don’t plan your outfit for the next day!
– If you want to dress up for no reason do it!
– If you feel something, wear it, no matter what it is! – No gender roles in clothing!

Which are your favourite Berlin fashion brands?
Alles Berlin, Rosa K, 032c, Lani Lees, Goetze.

Your favourite go-to outfit is?
High-waisted black flared pants with a ripped white tank top combination. Cowboy boots in snake optic and massive silver jewellery on top. Thanks. Bye.

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Photos by Sebastian Pielles @sebastianpielles
Makeup by Krzysztof Tomasz @krzysztof.tomasz
Assistant Styling by Anne Poprausch @annepoprausch
Interview by Marcel Schlutt @marcel_schlutt