Inside Me

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Estefanía Mendes. Models are Carmen Rumí del Rosal and Alicia Rumí del Rosal. Make Up by Geovanna García. Assitant is Daniel Ortega Muñoz. This artistic editorial represents the darkness that every human being carries inside.

Our dark side is the aspect that we consider negative of our personality that is contiguous to the conscience and that does not disappear, it remains hidden and lurking most of the time, manifesting itself when there is an annoying altercation or conflictive situation with others that generates emotions Despite this, each person decides if they want to feed their dark side or their inner light. In terms of emotions, it is important to accept both sides since they are part of you and will always accompany you. “I embrace my dark side, thank you for accompanying me, rejecting you does not serve me since that feeds you more, so I receive you and I appreciate your existence”

Photography by Estefanía Mendes Instagram: @fanitamendes
Models are Carmen Rumí del Rosal and Alicia Rumí del Rosal Instagram: @karu_rdr and @_wabissabi_
Make Up by Geovanna García Instagram:
Assitant is Daniel Ortega Muñoz Instagram: @danielfico

My name is Estefanía and I have been working in photography for two years, although I also do modeling jobs.

For me photography is a way to connect, feel and transmit.  I consider it very important to be clear about my ideas and to be able to reach the viewer with any emotion since we all always have something to show. For me, photography has become a lifestyle where I enjoy and can be myself without limitations.