Into the BLITZ

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Arianna Mariscotti. Model is Enrico Di Amore. Make up by Enrico Di Makeup. Styling by Made By Dimitris. Lightning by Sincope. Brands are El armario de Paky, Intimissimi Official, YRU shoes, Made By Dimitris, Vollers the corset Company, Humana Second Hand, Karl Kani, Pleaser Shoes.

Playing with side A and side B of the coin, like the snowflake dancing and pirouetting until it reaches the ground.
This story speaks about the idea of transition, of rebellion against biological nature, and also, about the degradation of being when night comes.
We never knew when we stopped being to start projecting, nor did we know when we stopped being to become cold.
We never knew when the cold came.
Until we became frozen …
until we hit the ice.

Photography by Arianna Mariscotti / Instagram: @Ariannamariscotti
Lightning by Sincope / Instagram: @sincopeaudiovisual
Model is Enrico Di Amore / Instagram: @Enricodiamore
Make up by Enrico Di Makeup / Instagram: @Dimakeupenrico
Styling by Made By Dimitris / Instagram: @Madebydimitris