Introducing BABY YORS and his new single MOTHER

May I introduce you to Queer Latin artist Baby Yors?! Today we are celebrating the release of the new single “Mother” from the New York-based musician and artist with an exclusive KALTBLUT fashion editorial. Photography Sequoia Emmanuelle. Styled by Melvin Styles. Hair by Anthony Montoya. Make-up by Nicky Andrea.

Yors grew up in the small rural town of Jujuy in Argentina, a country known for vibrant music, Evita, and a penchant for machismo culture and blatant homophobia. “People in South America don’t take being queer lightly,” Yors says “They really get on you for it.”

Malan Breton ~ @MalanBreton (Burgundy Leather Jacket)

A multi-talented creative force, Yors has found some success in music, hollowing out a niche for himself in the burgeoning LGBTQ+ scene. Yors blends alternative pop sensibilities with soaring vocals and a lilting falsetto, moving up and down scales like the classic rockers of the 70’s. Visually, Yors has always had a penchant for the gothic; deep reds, violets, blacks and stark whites.

Malan Breton ~ @MalanBreton (Burgundy Leather Jacket)


Malan Breton ~ @MalanBreton (Burgundy Leather Jacket)

Bizarre Fetish Couture ~ @xvenusprototypex (Gloves) Harry Halim ~ @harryhalim_paris (Purple Jacket)
I’m BTFL ~@im_btfl (Pants)

Harry Halim ~ @harryhalim_paris ( Set)
Bizarre Fetish Couture ~ @xvenusprototypex (Gloves)

I’m BTFL ~@im_btfl (Top & Bottom)

Malan Breton ~ @MalanBreton (black leather jacket with big bow) Bizarre Fetish Couture ~ @xvenusprototypex (Gloves)
Syren Latex ~ @syrenlatex (Pants)

The singer is releasing a beautiful new single: “Mother”!

Baby Yors @babyyors //
Photography Sequoia Emmanuelle @sequoiaemmanuelle
Styled by Melvin Styles @melvinstyles
Hair by Anthony Montoya @am_hairstylist
Make-up by Nicky Andrea @werkhunty