#Lookbook – May I introduce you to CONSTANZIA YURASHKO?! A slow Fashion Business Model. “My priority is designing and creating clothing garments for quality and duration only. I work with exclusive and highest quality fabrics. Each of my collection is different because there’s always a different story behind, energy and mood put into (reflecting the cut, the silhouette, the use of colour, detailed craftsmanship etc.) at the same time recognisable and with a specific stand out signature.” says My name is Constanzia Yurashko, founder and designer at CONSTANZIA YURASHKO. Photography by Viktoria Vi-prada.

Designer: Constanzia Yurashko / Instagram: @constanzia.yurashko

Photography by Viktoria Vi-prada/ Instagram: @viprada

Female Model: Dasha Lupan / Mandarin Model Management/ Instagram: @mandarinmodels @lupan_dasha

Male Model: Richard Jucov / Instagram: @richard_lee_junior

Make-up artist: Ekaterina Ketrushka/ Instagram: @ekaterina.ketrushka