Introducing FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018 Award winner: Filipe Augusto

Young menswear designer Filipe Augusto is the winner of the 2018 FASHIONCLASH Festival Award and a KALTBLUT favourite from ModaLisboa. The designer is based in Portugal and one o the big talents from the South of Europe. We had a little chat with the designer about his work.

Name: Filipe Augusto / Age: 25 / Hometown: Peso da Régua- Portugal / Menswear or Womenswear: Menswear designer.

KALTBLUT: Hello. Welcome to KALTBLUT. Why have you decided to participate at FASHIONCLASH Festival?

My participation at the festival was a result of me winning the Fashionclash prize in the Sangue Novo competition in ModaLisboa in October 2017. I was chosen by the director of the festival, Branko Popovic, to represent Portugal.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell us something about the collection you presented at the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018? What was your inspiration?

The collection I presented is called “Harvest” and it represents the people who work in the Douro region, showing the way they dress themselves to go to work. I present, in a fun way, a very unique vision of a reality – the reality of a marginalized society that is somewhat innocent of social formatting. This way, the collection is a good representation of my hometown, the Douro region.

KALTBLUT: What kind of material did you used for the collection?

In this collection I used several materials, including adhesive tape, handmade bascketry, wool and cotton with final finish yellow fole and plastification, taffeta, shirting fabric, pleated fabric, peach skin effect fabric, corduroy fabric, pile fabric, plastic, nylon, denim and padded floral…

KALTBLUT: What challenges did you face during the design process?

The biggest challenge I find in the process of designing a collection is time, because I do everything myself, from patern making to the confection of prototypes and final pieces. So, time management is the biggest challenge.

KALTBLUT: How would you describe your self and your work?

I’m a shy person but fun to be around. I sometimes live in a world of my own. As for my work, I see it as a sort of representation of the imaginary world I live in.

KALTBLUT: What would you say that is the biggest influence to your design process?

My biggest influence is, for sure, the culture of my country.

KALTBLUT: If you had not become a fashion designer, what would you do instead?


KALTBLUT: Who’s your dream client?

I don’t idealize anyone, I believe that we are free to wear whatever we want, so whoever likes the F I L I P E A U G U S T O brand is welcome to wear it.

KALTBLUT: What can we expect from you in near future?

You can expect a more consistant brand when it comes to commercial level, but also on a creative and imaginative level.

KALTBLUT: Where can we buy your fashion?

I’m still working on everything related to communication and commercialization of the brand.

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