Introducing Gossamer by Cheryl Nesbitt

GOSSAMER is an experimental fashion collection which explores the connection between creativity and identity. A research-through-making method was adopted throughout the realisation of this collection. This guided Cheryl to explore means of communicating my self-identity through experimentation of techniques. GOSSAMER focuses on utilising methods of experimental knitting and textile manipulation. To balance this, tailored inspired garments have been included to support her knitted pieces and highlight the level of experimentation reached throughout the conception of the collection. Photography and Art Director by Deelan Do. Models are Sam Lebib and Meraena Tupangaia signed at Chic Brisbane. Make-up by Tracey Katherine. All fashion by Cheryl Nesbitt.

Cheryl Nesbitt, a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Fashion) from QUT. Throughout her time studying fashion design at QUT, she has focused on increasing her attention to detail and making a point of difference through embellishment and textile manipulation. Through student exchange opportunities, she moved to Berlin to study at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft for two semesters. It was while studying in Berlin, where she undertook an introductory unit of knitting. “In this unit I developed an interest in the craft. The year abroad allowed her to experiment with my design aesthetic, process and philosophy. In particular, it encouraged me to come at my design process with a different approach, instead focusing on developing and experimenting with techniques and embellishments, and using these as a starting point for my design process. ”

This final year of university and throughout the conception of her year-long project, she has come to realise her deep interest in the skill of machine knitting, and has influenced her decision to follow a career path in knitwear design.

As her design philosophy surrounding the collection GOSSAMER stems from the idea of portraying her creative identity through experimentation of methods and pushing of techniques, She has undertaken an intense amounts of practice in her chosen craft. This has allowed her to acquire higher knowledge and understanding into how knitting works as a craft and what aspects of the practice can be affected in order to manipulate the outcome. The tailored garments are all constructed using wool fabrics and yarns used throughout her knitted garments are mostly 100% merino wool, with a few 100% cashmere, or silk/wool blends. To add an extra element of interest to her garments she used a lurex lace yarn running parallel to the main yarn.

Photography and Art Director by Deelan Do / / Instagram: @deelan_do

Model is Sam Lebib / Instagram: @samlebib and Meraena Tupangaia signed at Chic Brisbane / Instagram: @slugvader

Make up by Tracey Katherine / Instagram: @traceykatherinemua

Designer: Cheryl Nesbitt / Instagram: @cheryl__nesbitt