Introducing Helena Eisenhart – This Unisex Label is Queering Fashion (And Doing It Sustainably!)

The namesake brand began in 2015 with smaller collections crafted from upcycled materials, leaning into a DIY aesthetic with high-quality tailoring. An artist at heart, Helena’s pieces have unsurprisingly been popular with other artists and musicians, worn onstage by Sophie at the 2019 Grammy’s, by Carly Rae Jepson, and recently, by Rico Nasty.

A core pillar of the brand is its sustainability, as each component is made of vintage or deadstock materials, or entirely made-to-order. This leads to a lot of one or highly limited designs – each garment is truly a work of art destined to be collected, not just consumed.

Helena Eisenhart is a unisex label, turning harshly enforced binaries within the industry on their head. The label explores the future of what fashion without traditional ideals, but still traditional quality tailoring, will evolve to be. That future is bold; for those who aren’t afraid to step outside of the line, even erase it completely.