Introducing: Jewellery by Milko Boyarov

Photography by Romain Roucoules. Jewellery by Milko Boyarov. Set Design by Anna Piasek. 

“I am а Bulgarian born and Zurich based jewellery designer and I often draw my inspiration from the underwater world; light reflections, transparency, and sexuality. I am interested in objects which look artificially organic or seem untouched by human hands. 

Millesae consists of numerous jewellery pieces inspired by the flow of gels, transparency light reflection, and undulating jellyfish tentacles. The pieces are driven by the idea of capturing a shape in motion, which reflects and distorts the light.

This series of images has been developed by Romain Roucoules and Anna Piasek. The images represent perfectly the collection and each piece is shown in a dedicated underwater universe.”

Photography by Romain Roucoules / / Instagram: @romainroucoules
Set Design by Anna Piasek / / Instagram: @anna_piasek
Jewellery by Milko Boyarov / / Instagram: @milko_boyarov_studio