Introducing: Jewerly by DEvaya! COEXIST Collection

Between innovation and tradition, COEXIST, the latest proposal of the firm Rocío Soria de Vaya, aims to represent an ideal world where artificial products serve nature. With the objective of giving jewellery a new role and, rather than just complementing it, becoming just as important as any style-specific clothing boutique comes to the firm De Vaya de la Mano (Spanish for of the hand) by Rocío Soria de Vaya.

De Vaya de la Mano sells unique, hand-made accessories where tradition and no-rush production are integrated with an innovative design. With a background in architecture from her father, painting from her grandfather, and seaming from her grandmother, Rocío always had a great feel for fashion and design. Her family’s influence as Rocío grew up became pivotal to her career in the world of fashion and the founding of her own jewellery firm, which portrays clear traits of her Andalusian roots. This same year, Rocío became associated with the creative copywriter Ana López Calero; together, they launched COEXIST, the newest collection of DEvaya. Although the firm currently focuses on jewellery, the designer plans to expand the firm’s interests and become something larger than just a jeweller.

Jewellery designer by Rocío Soria de Vaya / Instagram: @_devaya

Photography by Andrés Jim / / Instagram: @andrewjim

Model is Ainoa Moreno / Instagram: @ainoaamorenoo

Makeup by Jose Carlos Lora / Instagram: @josecarlosloramua


Jewellery by DEvaya /