Introducing Linxi Zhu

Photographer and art director Eliška Sky Kyselková is introducing innovative textile designer Linxi Zhu with an exclusive KALTBLUT editorial and fashion film. Styled by Danielle Goldman. Set design by Katrine Roberts. Makeup by Gareth Harris. hair by Tommy Taylor. Models are Alisha Safo and Michael Moon. Camery by Harry Nelder.

Graduating from London College of Fashion, Linxi Zhu is a Womenswear knitwear designer based in China and London. When she was pursuing her BA Fashion Textiles Knit in London College of Fashion, Linxi always challenges the traditional ways of knitting and establishes a new perception of how knitted textiles can be created through the combination of unconventional materials with yarns.

This collection is textile-led, she tries to find beauty in the imperfections and translates the X-ray images visually into the form of knitted fashion. It involves observing the spine using X-ray vision to capture subtle body movements. She designs knitted fabrics and garments without employing any traditional pattern cutting techniques. Fascinated by the challenge of making pattern pieces without cutting fabric or fashioning knitted panels, she makes garments from simple shapes and manipulates simple squares into complex 3D forms. Utilizing yarns tensions and weights, Linxi wants to showcase the possibilities of knitting which form their directed silhouettes with no wastage.

designer Linxi Zhu @llinxiii
photographer & director Eliška Kyselková @eliskakyselkova
camera Harry Nelder @harrynelder
stylist Danielle Goldman @daniellegoldman
set designer Katrine Roberts @katrinerobertsart
makeup artist Gareth Harris @garethharrismua
Hair Stylist Tommy Taylor @tommytaylorhair
Alisha Safo @liiissha
Michael Moon
assistants of the photographer, designer & set designer 1. Brilliant Ahram Nasir, @llllllliant
2. Xuedan Lu, @lu_.d._
3. Zining Zhao, @_ning_zn
4. Kai Xie, @xxkkxkk
assistant of the stylist
Stefan Gosiewski, @androgienia