Introducing: Milo Bloom

Milo Bloom is an accomplished and award-winning designer. Known for his label, HENI. Whilst completing his studies at the London International School of fashion, he won numerous awards and in his final year graduated top of his class. Debuting his first collection at South African Fashion Week, Milo was proclaimed one of South Africa’s innovators of fashion.

Not long after the label was available nationwide. Continuing his success at various fashion weeks and crowned the ‘It boy of Fashion’ by Glamour magazine and being compared to Dior’s maverick John Galliano, Milo firmly established himself in the South African fashion industry.

 Unstoppable Milo delivered once again, at the first inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week earned him three nominations at the Arise Africa Fashion Awards and winning “Most Promising Designer of the Year”.

Milo (known as the “master of thrills and frills”) was invited to showcase at London Fashion Week This collection won Milo the title of “South African Designer of the Year” at the FAB Fashion awards as well as the opportunity to develop ranges for Selfridges and Debenhams in the UK.

Milo continued his fashion journey and showcased his most mature collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week; the collection was likened to Viktor & Rolf by critics and praised for his attention to detail, flawless styling, and exquisite designs.

After a hiatus from the HENI label and working as an art director, creative director, and menswear buyer, Milo, decided to return to his true passion. Launching his menswear label Milo Bloom in 2021.

About the label

Milo Bloom menswear is made entirely out of waste textiles. Most of the textiles are donated and reimagined by Milo. The brand is completely genderfluid and size-inclusive. One size fits sizes XS-XL. 

Very much inspired by Japanese art and culture but paying homage to its African Heritage. Each garment is an exclusive one-off, handmade, embroidered, and painted. This is key for the brand as a FUCK you to fast fashion. Responsible for so much waste and pollution. Milo believes a return to authentically made garments, staying true to the craft and process of design is the future of the industry.

About the collection: Die before you die…

“Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to “die before you die” and find that there is no death.”The only ‘real’ death is never knowing who you are, never understanding your true ‘being’. When you have a true sense of self, this can never die.

This collection was made entirely out of discarded fabrics and textiles, curtains, and bed linens. I started the project to heal myself and to find myself. I had lost so much during the 1st lockdown… including my sanity.
I realized what was lost was not me. It was what I did and what I owned. A false reality of “THINGS”. Ideas about myself, life, and how it should be. Based on expectations I put on myself. I felt deep sadness, regret, loss, fear. I wanted to die.

In that moment of deep despair, I realized that the only way to live was to die. 
I had to let go of all I believed I was, all I had, and to realize I am none of that. I just am.
I looked around and saw pieces of fabric, that looked like I felt, done!
 I allowed myself to start the process of reviving and reinventing these textiles into something else. 
This process allowed me to reinvent myself.
 For now.
 This is what I do, but not who I am. 

I will die many times. I look forward to my death.

Creative Direction and Fashion by Milo Bloom / /
Instagram: @milo_bloom / Instagram: @milo_bloom_men
Photography by Pierre van Vuuren / Instagram: @pierre.tography
Styling by Schalk Myburgh / Instagram: @stylist_Schalk
Make-Up by Kelly- Jean Gilbert / Instagram: @keljeans
Production by Pete Angel / Instagram: @new_earth_creations
Model is Daniel Conradie / Instagram: @danland_official
Models are Luthando, Dalton and Bongani signed at Blaze Model Management / Instagram: @blazemodels1

All fashion by Milo Bloom / Instagram: @milo_bloom_men, Pretoria, South Africa