Is this biomimicry yet

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Styling by Berk Akkaya. Production by İlker Demirel. Models are Allen Stewart, John Lochner and Fulden Pamukcu. Garments and accessories designed by Berk Akkaya, sewed-created by Gul Irkili and Sunay Selim.

Styling by Berk Akkaya / / Instagram: @berkakkaya
Photography Berk Akkaya / / Instagram: @berkakkaya
Production by İlker Demirel / Instagram: @ilkerdemirel
Models are Allen Stewart / instagram: @wynterdymonds
John Lochner / instagram: @johnlochner
Fulden Pamukcu / instagram: @fufinkoo

Garments and accessories designed by Berk Akkaya @berkakkaya / sewed-created by Gul Irkili and Sunay Selim (no instagram accounts)

**Non of the models were working with an agency they were all friends.
Models wore no make up**

Berk Akkaya has born and raised in Izmir, Turkey.

He has been drawing garments and pictures since he was three. He has moved to Istanbul to study Industrial Design in Yeditepe University where he has associated with All Magazine and XOXO Magazine as styling assistant .

After graduating from Industrial Design; he has started his further education in Fashion Styling, Photography and Film in Istituto Marangoni, London and Manchester Metropolitan University.

During this time he has started his career placement as an art director in Foxall Studios, London

He always liked to hypothetically narrate people (people’s lives), objects and artworks. He wanted to express the storytelling side of art with garments, accessories and more. He thought; the fashion can be a nice tone of voice to narrate people, stories or some idea.