Istinto by Eva Gusella

Istinto is a story about introspection, freedom desire and love. When you meet someone, you can magically begin to glow thanks to his energy and discover yourself. Photographer Eva Gusella captured Alessandro Occhipinti and Alessandro Canavera, both signed at Boom Models, for us. Styling by Aurelio Comparelli. Make up by Matilda Nastasi. Location by Villa Necchi alla Portalupa. Brands are Collini Milano, Gagà Milano, COLLANEvrosi by Lodovica Fusco, 0trebla, Couture Venus Aversa. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Photography by Eva Gusella / / Instagram: @phevagusella
Model is Alessandro Occhipinti signed at Boom Models / Instagram: @ale_occhi_01
Model is Alessandro Canavera signed at Boom Models / Instagram: @alecanavezia
Styling by Aurelio Comparelli / Instagram: @aureliocomparelli
Make up by Matilda Nastasi / Instagram: @mua_matilda
Location by Villa Necchi alla Portalupa / / Instagram: @villanecchiallaportalupa

Born in 1998, Eva Gusella is a photographer specializing in fashion, beauty, portrait & still life.
After graduating at Felice Casorati Art School in Novara in scenography, in 2018 she continued her studies at the European Fine Art Academy of Media in Novara with a specialization in Photography and Multimedia Languages. In recent years it has developed a strong affinity with the principles of visual perception and chromatology, thanks to which it recreates suggestive and suspended atmospheres, inspired by all forms of art and culture. Photographing, for Eva, means enhancing the soul of one’s subjects by building an ideal world of light and colour where you can express yourself free from any prejudice.