Jack Powers declared his “Forever”

Arriving from the outer reaches of the cosmos (by way of Manhattan, London, and Paris), Jack Powers is about to be a big f**king deal.

Based on entirely visual references alone, and upon first impressions only, Jack Powers is a follower of the Bowie ways, an enigmatic trickster-like chameleon whose rambunctious appearance is in and of itself the performance, or at least a considerable part of it. A true blend between the plastic arts and the subtler, nobler elements of melody and beat. 


The Shock-glam (or Glam-shock) prophet arrives in a pastiche of artsy pop notes and exposed flesh highlighted by dizzying primary colours and aggressive eye makeup that reminds one of a prowling were-panther creature out of a daytripper’s fever dream.  It’s really no surprise that he would be featured on the cover of PAPER alongside Madonna herself.

With a name like JACK POWERS (which he somehow didn’t style in all-caps), it’s no surprise that there’s this unmistakable raw energy and magnetism to every glimpse you catch of his neo-classical ripped mick jagger physique, and then there’s the sound.

 A musician, poet, classically-trained dancer, and fashion designer, who honed his skills at LaGuardia High School, Central Saint Martins, and Paris’ über-chic Manko Cabaret, Powers approaches his work with a keen eye for detail, a sharp wit, and pure love. 

‘Jack Powers’ might be his real name, or perhaps it is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a power tool because the unrelenting electro-thumping of his music definitely has hydraulic levels of strength behind it. He’s unapologetically pop, Queer-pop even, with all its big Eurodance modules attached for that larger-than-life sound that reverberates from deep underground lairs and spills onto streets busy with nightlife. His newest release “Forever” takes all of this up a notch, cementing Jack as an aggressively irreverent ‘chic provocateur’ eager to destroy every norm he can with a wild eye for re-imagination. The visual vocabulary of this new music video is borderline ‘late-roman’ in its palpable lust for luxury and exotic pleasures. So provocative and wild is he, I think he’ll make Lady Gaga blush.

“Forever” is Jack’s opening move in 2023, which he vows to take by storm one NYC nightclub at the time on his way to release an EP and come out into the mainstream with a ferocious attitude.