Photo by Knut Åserud

Jackie Charles introduce deep pop to the Berlin music scene with “Dominikas Song”

Norwegian singer/songwriter Kaja Bremnes constructed Jackie Charles just a few years ago. What began as an alter ego has evolved into a full band, which they refuse to disclose the details of. “We all met at an undisclosed location in the dark, to have a street fight with our rivaling gangs.”

Despite their violent introductions, this multisensory expedition full of pastel dreams and eerie sounds has a distinct kind of softness that stands out amongst other upcoming acts in the dream pop genre. “Dominikas Song” is the first release from their upcoming debut album, Future Fantasies, set for release on April 12th.

The single is deeply reflective, one which the band calls a manifesto against perfectionism and planning ahead.

“In terms of writing and recording music it’s a bit like that saying about the painter that doesn’t know when to stop painting. If you go too far with it, it becomes rubbish. We are advocates for keeping music live and thus a-live. Certain imperfections are in themselves perfect.“

The visuals were inspired by a Youtube channel focused entirely on a man who repairs vintage TVS, where the band found “those fat, lovely pillows of mysterious type-of-magic had a tangibility that we miss”. Bremnes found some kind of meditation through the dedication of working through valves and wires even if the time he spent living through these TVs would soon become completely obsolete. As Jackie Charles are a band based in Berlin, finding solace and appreciation in the dead and gone makes perfect sense being that the only way to accept the city is to understand how fast things move forward.

With “Dominikas Song”, Jackie Charles have managed to slow the pace and create a cushion of haze for listeners.