Jake Lancer says YOU are the moment

At times you’ve heard the adjective “theatrical” used to describe something far too rambunctious and insincere, however when you see Jake Lancer’s ‘Baby Is The Moment” described as a “theatrical pop explosion”, you simply must not doubt that its theatricality is also going to be its sincerity.

Fresh off the release of his EP “Take Off!”, Jake continues to explore emotional defiance, fear, love, trauma and identity through his music.

Jake Lancer’s influences range from artists like Lady Gaga, Abba, and David Bowie, to Troye Sivan. Growing up closeted yet a part of the LGBTQIA community, Jake dreamed of creating pop music that not only inspired but could give a voice to anyone on their own healing journey. 

The high-flying drama and histrionic intensity of “Baby Is The Moment” is almost its raison d’etre, or at the very least its most defining characteristic. The song opens up on a soft synth crescendo leading up to a grand pause before blasting off with its powerful, euro-adjacent synth melodies again, now carried along by the electrifying thumping bass. Lancer’s flair for the dramatic invites the listener to get entirely lost in the euphoria of it all, to heed the call of the dancefloor beyond every self-imposed restriction and anxiety, to live in The Moment.

Let’s dance because baby YOU are the MOMENT. 

The theatrics are neither in vain nor just for show, and the overwhelming spectacle of sonic layers makes this track feel like a 3 minute long festival in the comfort of whatever room or space you’re in. Sound-wise this track is cathartic to the point of soothing exhaustion.

Inspired by artists like  Abba, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, and Charlie XCX, Lancer’s anthemic and empowering ethos sees the value in escapism and the daze-inducing properties that a Blitz of euphoric notes can provide. He’s not merely content to voice the unheard but to inject it with a blissful fuel that compels one into wild motions and free expression. Love – says Lancer – is at the centre of this track, but so are betrayal and heartbreak.

On top of being a pop powerhouse, Jake is also a mental health professional, and a working therapist in New York City. This intellectual background explains the peculiar insight into the human psyche that he demonstrates, even more so, it also gives greater weight and meaning to the emphasis he seems to make on the concept of healing through music.