Jasmine Sokko makes stylized debut with ‘1057’

Electronic music artist Jasmine Sokko makes a stunning debut with the release of her single ‘1057’. So named as a stylized reference of the word “LOST”, the dance track pulses with an emotional resonance that captures the melancholy of the millennial generation. It is an anthem that champions the struggle for individuality in a world that carelessly defines people by the number of their virtual Followers and intangible Thumbs Ups. Written and produced by Jasmine Sokko, ‘1057’ is a fantastic premiere for this emerging performer. The multi-talented artist is a fresh take amongst her peers—as a singer, songwriter and producer, she presents her complete artistic vision from songcraft to the visuals in her music video.


Mixed by acclaimed electronic artist Yllis, ‘1057’ will see a Spotify and iTunes release later in the month via the aforementioned producer’s newly-minted label, 13 Orphans Records. Jasmine Sokko is an electronic music project born out of a thirst for adventure. Raised in the hyperorganized urban city of Singapore, she desires to break away from its rigidity and to create music as a means of escaping a society that defines individuals as mere numbers. Finding solidarity with non-conformists and their aesthetics, she thrives to encapsulate this spirit in her music by borrowing elements of deep house and blending them together wih ghostly vocal abstracts. Drawing inspiration from fashion, dystopian film cinematography and thriller novels, Jasmine Sokko conveys her music through different shades of darkness.