Jean Gritsfeldt Fall/Winter 2023

#SlavaUkraini! After long planning, Jean Gritsfeldt was supposed to celebrate his debut at Berlin Fashion Week last year. He did so, only the Ukrainian himself was not present. After the war began, the designer decided to stay in his native Kyiv.

He discarded his original collection and designed an entirely new one to make a stronger political statement. Orchestrated via zoom calls, the Berlin network Fashion Revolution and Sustainable Fashion Matterz realized their collection on-site.

The first part of “BORN IN KYIV. SCULPTOR OF LOVE” was one of the most touching shows of that season. He is now presenting the continuation of his fashionable protest message with autumn/winter 2023 during Berlin Fashion Week and as part of Berlin Contemporary. In addition to his homage to his homeland, the Ukrainians, and their seemingly unbreakable, resilience, he devotes his looks above all to love: “Inhuman systems can only be overthrown by the transformative power of love. My work aims to awaken the most loving side of everyone.

Your inner superstar,” says Jean Gritsfeldt. His collection is also rebellious: sometimes his looks are bold, never too formal, often almost anarchic and full of individualism. In addition to a variety of materials such as corduroy, linen, wool, faux fur, silk and chiffon, he plays eclectic with colours and patterns and combines floral and military prints, for example.

There are also thick fringes, sequins, ruffles and embroidery. He deconstructs pop culture references and leaves no limits to his imagination. It is also important for Jean Gritsfeldt to work as sustainably as possible. He uses bio-based, recycled fibres, and most of the materials are made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, his sweaters, for example, were made from upcycled jerseys – all dyes have a natural, plant-based origin.

His show is a mix of runway shows and performance art. Arranged by Jean Gritsfeldt, the designer himself appears as a performer in his fashion show.

Photo Credit: © Lina Grün