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Jonas Schuler! Photography by Maurice Sinclair

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial! Photographer Maurice Sinclair captured Jonas Schuler from Scout Model Switzerland for us. Hair and Makeup by Gabriel de Fries. Styling by Jennifer Tschugmell. Fashion by Stella McCartney, Prada, levi´s, Boss, Doryphoros, Vans, Theory, Saint Laurent, just to name a few.

Jacket and pants by Stella McCartney, turtleneck sweater by Theory, earrings by Molokai, fingerring by Atelier Té

Jacket and Jeans by Levi’s, necklace with coin by Doryphoros, small necklace by Studio Mason, necklace with ring by Atelier Té, fingerrings by Doryphoros

Shirt and pants by Boss, jacket by Stüssy, fingerrings by Atelier Té 6 Jacket by Boss, vintage shirt, Jeans by Levi’s, necklace by Atelier Té

Jacket by Boss, vintage shirt, jeans by Levi’s, earrings by Molokai, necklaces and fingerrings by Doryphoros
Jacket by Levi’s, shirt by Saint Laurent, jeans by Double RL, earrings by Molokai, necklace by Doryphoros

Sweater by Prada, Jeans by Levi’s, shoes by Vans

Photographer: Maurice Sinclair –

Styling: Jennifer Tschugmell 

Hair / Makeup: Gabriel de Fries –

Model: Jonas Schuler from Scout Model Switzerland @jonas._.schuler