JORDANLUCA S/S22: A Rebirth and a Reckoning

JORDANLUCA S/S22, in all its glory, continues to hone in on the precious nature of the present. The location, a runway held within an industrial scrapyard with a hint of an expiration date. The audience socially distanced dilapidated, damaged and dented old cars. No masks required. 

Dirty, and destructive surroundings, a far contrast from the crisp, clean and contemporary collection of predominantly all white and neutral tones introduced at the beginning of JLS/S22.

Refresh, reboot, reload with the injection of a soft jade green arriving at the halfway mark as sensuality invites us to explore subtle gender-fluid detailing, moving into a wave of striking saffron and collected red looks before things get dark as the monochromatic 1950s silhouettes return to close. A collection standing in stark contrast to underlying themes of British movements: skinheads, postage stamps, bunting, memorabilia, and crucially, pride.

“This is a personal jubilee, a punk-inflected white flag of surrender, interspersed with crisp silk suits and long bridal trains, fine nanny corset knits, rich organza and summer weight knitwear. There are dainty kilts offset by chunky snakeskin patterned boots, white platforms and studded clogs, while figure-hugging mesh tops are cinched in at the waist by buckled leather belts.”

Union jacks are stitched in mono-colour onto cream jersey shorts, frayed and with raw edges, while machine-stitched tulle roses adorn vests and biker jackets, quietly commemorating London’s sub-cultural heritage without ever feeling nostalgic or sentimental.

JORDANLUCA S/S22 speaks to the power and thrill inherent to renewal – it turns the self-destructiveness of addiction on its head, by re-imagining masculinity in the most visceral, jubilant and effervescent way possible.

Opening and closing on an aerial grotesque view of the location in question. Further cementing our visual perception as we dive in and out of Jordan Bowen & Luca Marchetto’s S/S22 story. “There’s strength in vulnerability and catharsis in the resolution of trauma.”

This collection is a moment, sending a clear message we all understand. The world as we know will probably never be the same. JORDANLUCA S/S22 channels this feeling through each garment, each one representing a rebirth, a reckoning, and a revelling in the here and now. 

Production & Location @ant_waller

Stylist @andrewdav1s1

Hair by @jodytaylorhair 

MUA @alicedoddsmakeup 

Casting Director @irene_manicone

Film Direction @hydradesign__

Music @blackhaine @rainymiller_ @fixedabode_ 

Stylist Assistant @danhcr

Hair Stylist Assisted by @tariqhowes 

Shoes: JORDANLUCA by @sixlondon