Joseph Auren – Future to the moon

Designer Joseph Auren unveiled his new collection Future to the moon in Los Angeles. The show of Joseph Auren was as well catchy as interesting for the eyes. The beautiful male figures were enhanced by shining & sophisticated pieces.

Indeed, this collection presents destructed & minimalist designs: The long coats are defined by high shoulder pads marked by their straps & press studs. The dominant colours are black, grey and white working in different shades, shining fabrics giving perspective. The longevity of the pants is highlighted by symmetric pockets in a cargo style while the blazers & tops show some gaps subtlety unveiling some parts of the sumptuous male bodies.

All those elements refer to all the components found through the direction of the future by our current area: particularly showing highness and humanoid mood.

Joseph Auren was pleased to stage & put his vision on a luminous vectorial catwalk in Los Angeles. This futuristic & shining set is also reminding the liquid metal materials used by Joseph Auren.

This is the announcement of the vindication of a new direction, artistic & conceptual.

“Dare to be different” – Joseph Auren